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You gotta be ready to listen to your children, even if they have nothing to say.
~ Buck Cluck
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Buck Cluck is a character in Chicken Little. He is Chicken Little's father and Chloe's husband.


Buck is a good, caring, nice, kind, thoughtful, warmhearted person, but struggling to understand and listen to his son.

He tends to be something of an anxious, fearful pessimist and somewhat doubtful, but soon becomes more optimistic and confident by the end of the film.

Buck can also sometimes be a nervous wreck.

Despite his insecurities, he is also a good fighter, such as when he beat up the aliens.


Buck is an overweight rooster with orange feathers, a red comb, a beard, and dark red bushy eyebrows.

He usually wears a cream, plaid dress shirt, along with a dark brown neck tie and large brown pants. His sleeves are also rolled up.


  • Before Garry Marshall was cast as Buck Cluck, Martin Sheen was originally considered for the role.
  • Buck is sometimes thought to be the deuteragonist, tritagonist, and secondary tritagonist of the film. These are not true as he had less screen time than Abby, Runt, or Fish.
  • In his past, Buck used to be a baseball player under the name Ace Cluck. This is another reference to Marshall, who used to play softball in his younger days.
  • His baseball name is also the birth name of his son.
  • There has been controversy against Buck for his incompetence as a parent, calling him a jerk and a "villain". This is not at all true as despite Buck's embarrassment of his son's ridicule, he tried his best to support Chicken Little.
  • It is unknown what happened to his wife.