Goosey Loosey


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Goosey Loosey is the secondary antagonist of Chicken Little. She is Foxy Loxy's henchwoman and best friend.


Goosey is mean, selfish, rude, cruel, and tough, as well as slow, dim-witted, absentminded, confused, and gullible.

She tends to follow any order given to her by anyone (usually by Foxy, whom she is mostly associated with).

It has been hinted that Goosey is not a bad goose, but is just hanging out with the wrong crowd.


Goosey is a white goose with an orange bill and feet, a long neck, and blue eyes.

She wears a red dress with a red and white farm collar and red bowties. Goosey also wears some makeup on her eyes.

Despite the fact that she is a goose, she has fingers instead of feathers on her hands.


  • Goosey is sometimes thought to be the tertiary antagonist of the film. This is not true as she was following Foxy's orders and was the second prominent antagonist.
  • Goosey cannot speak as she only honks, quacks, and squawks.
  • It is suggested that the possible reason why Goosey honks and doesn't talk is due to her being "brain damaged."
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