Yah! You mustn't sneak up on me, Ugly-- er, Abby.
~ Mr. Woolensworth to Abby
Mr Woolensworth

Mr. Woolensworth is a character in Chicken Little. He is Chicken Little's mutton teacher.


Mr. Woolensworth is extremely strict and serious and appears to not much have a sense of humor.

He dislikes rude behavior in class (especially at the expense of a fellow student) and will not tolerate it for a minute.

Mr. Woolensworth is self-motivated, enthusiastic, accessible, authentic, caring, and thoughtful.

He likes teaching, dancing, and his students' good behavior. Despite his stern attitude, he genuinely cares about his students.


Mr. Woolensworth is a sheep. He has brown eyes.

He wears reading glasses.


  • His first name is unknown.


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