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Sorry! I'm a gutless flip-flopper.
~ Runt of the Litter
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Runt of the Litter is one of the main characters of Chicken Little. He is one of Chicken Little's best friends.


Runt is sweet, nice, caring, kind, gentle, shy, obsequious, soft-spoken, honest, naive, timid, curious, neurotic, pusillanimous, panicky, easily startled, temperamental, jumpy, and nervous.

He has anxiety attacks and sometimes freaks out when Foxy and Goosey are present or mentioned. Whenever he does, he will usually need paper bags to breathe into to calm himself.

Runt dislikes dodgeball as he gets hit a lot and is hardly able to dodge the balls at all.

Runt is also not one to tell a lie unless he is tricked into it. He also likes to sing.


Runt is an obese pig.

He wears a blue jacket, a white shirt with a blue bowtie, brown pants, and a blue cap.

Despite his large size, his family is much larger.


  • Runt is a diehard fan of Barbra Streisand.
  • He tends to get hungry a lot.
  • Due to his timid, soft-spoken nature, Runt is sometimes thought to be dim-witted.
  • He is played by Steve Zahn.